Submitting a New Claim Assignment to SAMS & Associates

6 Easy Ways to Submit a New Claims Assignment to SAMS
Complete the Assignment Form. Include any necessary attachments,
and click "Save Assignment" to submit.
     ->Click here to launch the Assignment Form <-

Or Send a separate email with any attachments you want to  , or

Fax your new assignment to 800-606-3775. You may even print this form for faxing to SAMS. To print the form, right-mouse click on white space next to our logo below and select "Print", or

Telephone your new assignment in to us by calling 800-566-7267, or

For reporting new emergency claims after-hours call: 800-566-7267

Also reach SAMS on XactAnalysis! Use our XactNet address: SAMS.SACRAMENTO.CA.Z.IP

PLEASE NOTE: The Assignment form has been moved to another page. Click here to launch the Assignment Form in a new window.